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Popular Welcome to Peace Guards for Protecting Civilians in Darfur 

Karnoy, Darfur region, July 10 (SUNA) – A number of citizens in Karnoy Locality have expressed their pleasure and welcome to the graduated batch of the “Peace Guards” of the Sudan Liberation Army, led by Menni Arko Minnawi, which is entrusted to participate in the protection of civilians and securing the voluntary return of the refugees and displaced persons to their villages.

       The chieftain in Karnoy Locality, Abdul-Aziz Ali Al-Tayeb, described the “Peace Guards” of the Sudan Liberation Army led by Minnawi, as an addition to the protection of Sudan, its citizens and resources, stressing that these forces are important for maintaining security and securing the return of the displaced people and refugees to their home villages to practice cultivation.

He said that the native administration will support the efforts of the state and the regular forces in keeping security and stability.

The representative of youth at Wadi Hawar (Hawar Valley), Haroun Mohamed Abdul-Gadir, has called on the refugees and displaced persons to return to their home areas, especially that security had been achieved, and sent a message to the graduated forces on the importance of their contribution to providing security in the cultivation areas and to prevent confrontations between herders and farmers.

     The representative of the movement in the Chadian Tina town, Mohamed Osman Bakhit, has described the security arrangements as important in terms of their contribution to the return of refugees from eastern Chad, especially from the camps adjacent to Tina, while the chieftain Adam Abdalla Kadok expressed his hope that the Peace Guards would be a real addition to the security and peace process throughout the country.

  The second commander of the security arrangements in the Justice and Equality Movement, Ma. Gen. Abdul-Rahman Nour Abdul-Rahman, expressed his pleasure over the graduation of the forces, which he said “will help other security forces in protecting peace.

He affirmed their keenness to ease the voluntary return of refugees from eastern Chad and to help keeping security in the region.

   The commander of the Rapid Support Forces in Tina, Lt. Col. Mahjoub Mohamed Abul-Qasim, said that these forces are addition to the Armed Forces, the Rapid Support Forces and the Joint Forces that work to maintain security and stability in the country.

The Commander-in-Chief of the forces of the Sudan Liberation Army, led by Minnawi, Lt, Gen, Gumaa Mohamed Hagar, renewed in his address to the celebration marking the graduation of the 34th batch of Sudan Guards, which includes officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers, at Camp Idal-Khair, Karnoy Locality, North Darfur, the movement’s keenness to cooperate with other security forces to contribute to keeping security and stability in all parts of Sudan.

He noted that these graduated forces will contribute significantly to the Joint Forces to protect the civilians as stipulated by the Juba Agreement for the Peace in Sudan, adding that these forces are also responsible for securing the areas of voluntary return of the refugees and displaced persons.


Source: SUNA

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