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Prime Minister Issues Decision on New School Curricula 

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, has given a directive, after reviewing the recommendations of the national committee for reviewing the new curricula, for completing the curricula conferences by holding a separate conference for the primary school level curricula.

He also called for reviewing each textbook carefully by the authors, language specialists and designers, including graphic artists and picture makers, provided that the draft of the book should be sent to evaluators specializing in the subject of each book for scientific review before sending it to the printing press, provided that no book is to printed before its scientific approval by three evaluators.

The Prime Minister has stressed the importance of continuous training for the teachers in order to cope with the rapid progress in education.

He called for the inclusion of the concept of national education in the contents of school subjects in the different school levels.

Hamdouk called for re-authoring the history book for the sixth class and maintaining the Surahs of the Holy Quran in full and without deleting any of the verses, as well as retaining all the units and lessons that were deleted from the mathematics books for the second, third, fourth and fifth classes.

He further called for restoring the units that were deleted in the computer book.

It is to be noted that the Prime Minister has issued a decision, in accordance with the provisions of the constitutional document for the transitional period for the year 2019 and based on the recommendation of the Minister of Education, Professor Muhammad Al-Amin Al-Toam, on formation of a national committee to review the new curricula.

Source: Suna

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