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Protests against water crisis in Darfur and Nuba Mountains 

May 10 – 2021 ABU ZEREGA / DELLING Protest in Delling, Nuba Mountains, against recurrent water and power outages (Social media)

People in Abu Zerega in North Darfur blocked the El Fasher-Nyala road on Sunday, demanding a solution to the drinking water crisis in the area. In the Nuba Mountains, South Kordofan, the road linking Delling with the state capital Kadugli was closed as well, in protest against the recurrent shortages of water and electricity in the town.

Several demonstrations moved through the Abu Zerega administrative unit, south of the North Darfur capital El Fasher, yesterday. The participants called for “a speedy solution of the recurrent water shortages in the area”.

In South Kordofan, residents of El Tomat neighbourhood in Delling blocked the main road leading to Kadugli on Sunday. They call for the provision of drinking water and electricity, and protest the recent increase in transportation tariffs.

A listener told Radio Dabanga from Delling that people from El Tomat blocked the road since early Sunday morning with burning tyres and stones. He explained that the neighbourhood is suffering from long daily water and power outages. The price of a rickshaw ride increased from SDG100 ($2.47) to SDG150.

In Khartoum, Mohamed El Taayshi, member of the Sovereignty Council, has agreed with the delegation supporting the sit-in in Buram, South Darfur, to form a mechanism to address the protesters’ demands for the provision of basic services in the area.

Fakhreldin Osman, spokesman for the delegation, said in a press statement following the meeting that El Taayshi considered their demands legitimate and pledged to find “appropriate solutions”.


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