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Renaissance Dam Workshop calls for balanced foreign policy that achieves interests 

Khartoum, Sept 14 (SUNA) – A working paper, entitled “the Renaissance Dam: Sustainable Conflict or Sustainable Development,” which was presented by  Dr. Ibtihal Gamal El-Din at the workshop organized recently by Alzaim Alazhari University in Khartoum North in collaboration with the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) on “the Renaissance Dam: Opportunities and Risks,” has stressed the need to follow a balanced foreign policy to achieve Sudan’s strategic interests and good neighborliness with Ethiopia, Egypt and all Nile Basin countries.

The paper called for cooperation between the three countries, Sudan, Egypt, and Ethiopia in water management issues.

The paper referred to an opinion poll it conducted on the expected risks and benefits of the Renaissance Dam, where 74% of the respondents said that it has benefits and 16% said it has no benefits.

The paper explained that the most benefits of the dam, according to the poll, are providing cheap electric power, regulating the flow of Nile water for irrigation, preventing floods, and protecting Roseires Dam lake, and most of its risks are the collapse of the dam and the flooding of cities around it, the decrease of Sudan’s share of water besides reduction of land fertility.


Source: SUNA

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