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Resistance Committees of Blue Nile celebrate revolution anniversary 

Damazin, Dec. 14 (SUNA) – The resistance committees in all localities of the Blue Nile region organized yesterday a big celebration to commemorate December 13 anniversary under the slogan of “Damazin is the cradle of the revolution.”

Member of the resistance committees Alaa-Eddin Abdel-Karim, addressing the gathering, hailed the martyrs of the glorious December Revolution.

Abdel-Karim said that the celebration of the December 13th anniversary carried a number of connotations and meanings, emphasizing the leadership of Damazin and its revolutionary precedent, and he valued the role of the students who launched the revolution on December 13 that overthrew the previous regime and paved the way for building a civil state based on the values ​​of freedom, peace and justice.

He sent messages to the Sovereignty Council and the Council of Ministers calling for retribution for the martyrs and the implementation of the revolution’s demands.


Source: SUNA

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