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Resistance Committees Present Initiative to Surpass Crises 

Khartoum, Mar. 12 (SUNA) – The independent resistance committees have stressed the importance of achieving national consensus through a dialogue that includes the entire political spectrum without excluding anyone.

They pointed to the continuation of putting barricades and staging demonstrations until all the demands are fulfilled, noting that it is the only way to reach a new democratic Sudan, in which the constitution and the rule of law prevail.

Interviewed by Sudan Television on Saturday on an initiative they presented, the resistance committees assured their respect to the Armed Forces on its capacity as the guarantor for the country’s protection, calling for avoiding its involvement in the political work.

They also demanded the restructuring of the Armed Forces to be a single army with one doctrine.

Dr. Nawal Ahmed of Sudan International Center for Human Rights has emphasized the necessity of surpassing to aspects of disputes, giving concession for the sake of a united Sudan.

She stressed the importance of peaceful expression of demands and refrain from the use of violence, sabotage and foreign intervention.

Dr. Nawal also called on the political parties to present a written initiative about their demands, affirming the importance of the political parties’ [participation on ground that they are a genuine part of the Sudanese people.

She called for the participation of women in political work and the decision-making, and identifying their opinions, adding that the women shall be qualified and enabled to participate in the development and peace process.

in terms of their role as a great one and she should qualify, employ and develop her capabilities, to participate in development projects, indicating that her role in building peace is very important.

Badr-Eddin Adam, a member of the Independent Resistance Committees, affirmed that their initiative includes all the active revolutionary forces through a dialogue that includes all the people of Sudan without exclusion, with the aim of reaching a state of law, and defining the tasks of each individual in the political process, and that the Armed Forces shall not interfere in the political sphere.

He stressed the importance of consensus on the establishment of a state of institutions through constructive dialogue to get out of the country’s crises, calling for the necessity of appointing a prime minister with all his powers and activating his roles without interference from any party in the interest of the country.

Al-Talbani said that they distributed copies of their initiative to the President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Gen. Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan, the Head of UNITAMS, Volker Perthes, and to all the participating parties, bodies, active forces and the political spectrum, the native administrations, the Sufi sects, and the resistance committees.

Gasim Omer indicated that the initiative is considered an independent one and was proposed to all the Sudanese people. It is an initiative that talks about the Elections Law and the permanent constitution of the country, the economy, concern to issues of peace and rural women, the displaced people and refugees, the structuring and integration of armies, concern to education and opening opportunities for the young people in all the public and private institutions in all fields, and the combat of unemployment.

He called on Abdulaziz Al-Hillu and Abdul-Wahid Nour to join the march of peace, through the dialogue called for by the initiative.


Source: SUNA

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