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Revolutionary Front Works out Road-Map to Implement its Initiative 

Khartoum, April 4 (SUNA) – Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and head of the Revolutionary Front, Dr. Al-Hadi Idris, announced that the Revolutionary Front has prepared a road-map to meet all the political components during the coming two days in the context of the front’s initiative to solve the Sudanese crisis under the slogan of “ Sudan First”.

He said in a statement to SUNA that the dialogue adopted by the Revolutionary Front takes place in two stages, the most important of which is the step of the confidence building procedure and climate paving that precedes the first stage of the dialogue, explaining that this step includes the release all the political detainees from the revolution forces, especially former members of the Empowerment Removal Committee, stoppage of the violence against peaceful demonstrators, lifting the state of emergency, and formation of a neutral fact-finding committee to reveal who is killing protesters and who caused that.

 Dr. Idris pointed out that the military component is meant by these measures, and should begin the release of detainees, lift the state of emergency to build confidence, and engage into a constructive dialogue between the parties of the constitutional document, the freedom and change forces, the military component, the peace parties, the resistance committees, and all the viable forces of the revolution to form the government, in order to address the crisis that resulted from the recent decisions and the return to the constitutional document and the democratic path.

Regarding the guarantor of the initiative’s success, he stated that there are parties that can be facilitators, such as UNITAMS and the African Union, who are the guarantors, facilitators and mediators, because the Revolutionary Front is not a mediator, but rather a partner, based on its position in the government and with all other powers.

 The head of the Revolutionary Front explained that if the first stage is completed successfully, the second stage, which is the comprehensive dialogue and includes the sitting of all political forces except for the National Congress, will be started to discuss the elections, the constitutional conference, the civil democratic transition and the way to complete the transition and to discuss the major crisis related to the national project.

Dr. Idris said that the initiative also dealt with the form of government and institutions, saying that dialogue could lead to a change in the form of government, and that there could be different opinions about the form of the Sovereignty Council, the Council of Ministers, the Security and Defense Council, and the emergence of new forms according to the conclusions of the dialogues, stressing that the priorities of the next government are the livelihood of people, peace and the preparation for elections.

The Sovereignty Council member stressed that the final purpose of the initiative is to rescue the country from imminent collapse and the need to expedite the implementation of the initiative to block the path for the return of the National Congress and its domination over the scene and also to achieve the aspired democratic transition.


Source: SUNA

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