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RSF rescue citizens from unknown fate deep in desert

RSF rescue citizens from unknown fate deep in desert 

El Fasher, May 24 (SUNA) – The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) said its Desert Shield forces, which are open to the desert area between Sudan, Egypt and Libya, were able today to rescue nine Sudanese citizens and another Libyan citizen who were facing an unknown fate after they strayed deep into the desert and their car broke down for three days.

 The RSF pointed out in a press release issued today that a companion of the missing persons informed Group 40 deployed in the desert, which in turn prepared a force of its personnel to rescue the missing after providing them with the necessary supplies of food, water and a first aid cadre as the force was able to reach the missing and rescue them after tiresome search operation.

The press release noted that the force, while trying to rescue the stranded, received another report stating that a Tandra vehicle had broken down at a distance of 49 kilometers from the force’s site, with an elderly Libyan citizen inside, as the force was able to reach and rescue him, indicating that all were evacuated to Al-Shafarlait military post where they were provided with the necessary medical care in addition to getting assured on their mental and physical health.

Commander of Al-Shafarlait border military post Col. Osman Ali Abdul-Majeed affirmed that the Rapid Support Forces are deployed in wide areas of the desert and are fully prepared to protect the borders and combat transnational crime, as well as their humanitarian role in providing a helping hand and assisting citizens in light of the humanitarian conditions they face in the desert.


Source: SUNA

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