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Security Committee expresses regret over incidents and violations against health institutions 

Khartoum, Jan 9 (SUNA)- Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Dr. Abdul-Baqhi Abdel-Gader Al-Zubair chaired yesterday’s evening the meeting of the Security Committee of the Khartoum State, in the presence of the Acting Governor of the state, the Head of the committee, Al-Tayeb Muhammad Al-Sheikh, and the participation of all its members.

During its meeting at the Khartoum state headquarters, the committee expressed its deep regret over the incidents and violations of the sanctities of health institutions witnessed during the protests, and had mercy on the souls of the martyrs, wishing a speedy recovery for all the wounded and injured.

The committee affirmed its keenness not to use violence inside hospitals and health facilities against peaceful demonstrators, and its commitment to prosecute any regular or citizen who is convicted of looting, calling on all coordinators and demonstrators to stay away from sovereign sites and health facilities, affirming that demonstration is a right guaranteed by the constitution.

The Security Committee pledged to provide high-ranking regular elements inside hospitals to monitor any evasion by their employees, calling on citizens to immediately report any cases of abuse.


Source: SUNA

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