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Seizure of Large Quantities of Weapons smuggled from Neighboring Country 

Dongola, Mar.16(SUNA)-Smuggling Combat Police forces  in the Northern State  seized a large quantities  of weapons , ammunitions , bombs and rocket launchers  coming from a neighboring  country

The acting  Wali (Governor)  of the Northern State, Awad Ahmed Mohamed  said in a statement to (SUNA)  during his visit to the Smuggling Combat Police HQs in Dongola commended the efforts of the State police  and other security organs, affirming full support to the police forces  to fully carry out  duties  in maintaining security, stability and tranquility as well as securing the Northern State  against  all security threats.

For his part, the State Police director in Northern State, Maj. Gen.(police) Ismail Al -Sadiq Abdel -Rahim  pointed  out that the seizure of the various firearms came within framework of plans set  by headquarters  of the Sudanese police Forces , the State Police and security committee to secure the Northern State .

He added that the security organs in the Northern State are working with full cooperation and coordination for protecting the homeland and the State citizens aganst all security threats.

For his part, director of Smuggling Combat Police, Dongola branch, Col. AL -Sadiq Hassan Ahmed said that information reported to Smuggling Combat Directorate that three vehicles loaded with various weapons are coming from a neighboring country and pounding to the Northern State, adding that two of the vehicles have been seized while the third one is still on the run.


Source: SUNA

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