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South Kordofan tribal tensions: Farmer killed, cattle stolen

South Kordofan tribal tensions: Farmer killed, cattle stolen 

December 12 – 2021 DALAMI / KOLOGI, A villager was killed in Dalami in the Nuba Mountains, South Kordofan, on Friday. On Thursday, about 150 cows were stolen near Kologi, against the background of tribal tensions over water resources.

Abdelrahim Kounda reported to Radio Dabanga on Friday that Zaher Ismail Katranak (33) was shot dead that morning.

Together with two other farmers, the victim was on his way to his father’s farm north-east of Kedber village in Dalami to harvest sorghum, when masked men riding on motorcycles shot at them with machine guns. Katranak died instantly.

Members of the Dalami Security Committee arrived in Kedber and took the body to Dalami town for an autopsy, Kounda said.

He further noted that Kedber village was attacked by armed tribesmen a month ago, following reports of two men killed in the area north of Um Barambita. One of them belonged to the Tougya tribe, the other was a Bargo.

Water well

In the southern part of the Nuba Mountains, more than 150 cows were stolen subjected to a robbery in the area of Kologi on Thursday.

The owner, Wadelbashir Kajo, appealed to the South Kordofan authorities to intervene and retrieve his cows “before it is too late”. He said he knows the thieves.

Abdelrahim Kounda explained that the area has been witnessing tribal tensions, “since an armed conflict between the Kenana, Kawahla and Lougan on one hand and the Awlad Ali Hawazma clan over a water well erupted two years ago”.

Earlier this month, clashes erupted between the two sides in Abu Jubeiha, which claimed the lives of dozens of people. An unknown number of houses in the town burned to the ground.


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