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State of Emergency declared in North Darfur localities to secure harvest 

October 20 – 2021 TAWILA / DAR EL SALAM, The North Darfur state government declared a State of Emergency in Tawila and Dar El Salam localities on Tuesday for security reasons, following repeated attacks and security breaches, with the intent to secure the harvest season.

The emergency measures prohibit carrying of weapons, wearing a kamadol (scarf covering the face) and unofficial toll collection on roads, in addition to firing weapons into the air and the use of motorcycles.

Earlier on Tuesday, market traders in Tawila closed their shops and stalls, because of the increased killing, rapes, robberies, and plundering in the locality, reportedly without any reaction from the authorities.

People reported to Radio Dabanga that the passengers of two vehicles were beaten and robbed of their belongings north of Suswa village while they were on their way from Tawila to El Fasher on Tuesday.

On the same day, a farmer sustained head injuries during a beating from gunmen on his farm near Suswa, after he defended his daughters.

Also in Tawila locality, armed men attacked the area of Terodanat in Tarni administrative unit. They beat the villagers with whips and sticks on their farms, injuring two people, and stole their property.

El Fasher witnessed protests in front of the governor’s house against the ongoing violence in Tawila locality. The protesters carried the body of a person killed on Monday, demanding the governor to punish the perpetrators.

The displaced complained of being prevented from cultivating and harvesting their lands. They called on the international community to protect civilians, noting that the attacks continue for the third month.


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