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Sudan asks to withdraw equipment to build Russian naval base on Red Sea 

Sudan requested Russia to evacuate all equipment and gears sent to Port Sudan to establish a military base on the Red Sea.

Last weeks there were reports about the suspension of an agreement between the two countries to establish a naval facility hosting 300 Russian troops and four ships on the Red Sea.

The Russian embassy in Khartoum, however, dismissed the “unfounded” reports saying they have not been formally notified of this suspension.

Sudanese official told the Asharq newspaper that the command of the Sudanese navy summoned a Russian Lt general in Port Sudan and informed him of the government’s decision to stop their deployment in the Flamingo military base.

The naval command further “requested the Russian general to withdraw all the military equipment, radars and communication devices that had been installed at the base,” stressed the reliable newspaper.

In line with the agreement about the military base, the deal will enter into force after its ratification by the two sides.

Several sources said that the Russian navy shipped the equipment and gears to Flamingo without informing the Sudanese side.

Also, the Russian facility was supposed to be established in another area but not in the Sudanese army base. The Sudanese military were surprised that the Russian army started to establish their base inside Flamingo.

The Asharq said a Russian warship docked on Friday in the port of Port Sudan to transport the equipment and gears outside Sudan and left the port several hours later with the equipment.

The ousted President Omer al-Bashir had offered to President Putin to establish a military base on the Red Sea.

After the Sudanese revolution, the military component which deals with defence and security issues did not cancel the deal saying the transitional parliament has to take a decision over it.

Some countries on the Red Sea as well as western powers voiced deep concern about the Russian base in Port Sudan.


Source: SudanTribune

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