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Sudan Commissioner at Expo: The Exhibition is Unique Platform for Sudan’s Investment and Brains 

 Dubai, Sep.28(SUNA)- The Sudanese Embassy in Abu Dhabi , the Sudanese Consulate General in Dubai and the Northern Emirates organized  at the Consulate premises in Dubai a briefing about  details of Sudan’s participation in the exhibition and  introduction   to  the Sudanese pavilion, in the presence of  Commissioner-General of the Sudan Pavilion at (Expo 2020 Dubai) Nabaweya Mahjoub,  Ambassador of Sudan to the UAE,  Mohamed Amin Al Kareb, and Acting Consul General in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, Minister Plenipotentiary Ahmed Abdul Rahman.

The Commissioner-General, Nabawiya Mohamed  Mahjoub, said that Sudan’s participation in this event differs from its predecessors, because it represents the government’s endeavor to integrate Sudan into the global economy, stressing on attracting foreign investment for the benefit of youth and providing opportunities, each according to its ability, in the areas of medium and small investments.

She explained that the exhibition program has so far organized 4 events in addition to holding  an economic forum alongside with  other forums, holding  of specialized weeks in the fields of manufacturing and mining, celebrating  the  international days through the Sudanese pavilion, in addition to the presence of 184 distinguished works of inventors, innovations in the government  and private sector, as well as  innovations of individuals and  research and educational institutions, as well as entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies.

The Commissioner  stressed the role played by the media in promoting for Sudan through its pavilion at Expo 2020, and that Expo is a unique platform for Sudan’s investments and brains and that  media is a partner in shaping its features, calling on  media professionals to contribute to initiatives to attract investment.

The Commissioner-General indicated that she would meet with representatives of the media and the community in the coming days to draw new steps on the proposals and observations, especially about the Sudan Day, which is scheduled for at the beginning of next year, and the UAE-Sudanese Day, as they are two events that the community used to hold annually.

For his part, Sudan’s ambassador to the UAE, the UAE, Mohamed Amin Al-Kareb, said that the UAE has  provided a pavilion to Sudan with an area of 1,500 meters, and due to the Corona pandemic and the conditions that surrounded Sudan in the past years, the committee was unable to complete the requirements of the pavilion and it was replaced by a site with a smaller area, but it is in a strategic location.

Ambassador Al-Karib pointed out  that the exhibition would  contribute to encouraging young people to realize their ambitions, acquainting  the consumer and the international community with  quality of Sudanese agricultural products, as well as creating economic partnerships to achieve gains between the different peoples of the world, noting that the official spokesperson would  be named  within two days, and that  ambassadors for the Sudanese pavilion would be named  like other pavilions do.

Minister Plenipotentiary Ahmed Abdel Rahman, Acting Consul General in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, welcomed the attendees, and said that everyone’s participation in the meeting in itself is a support that he hopes would  form a new basis for the smart partnership between the consulate and the various components of the community, especially the media, and that they  stretched  hands  for unity of all.

For his part, Engineer Mohamed Othman Balula, Innovation  Chief Executive  at the Sudan Pavilion at Expo, said that many Sudanese inventors from all countries of the world would be hosted, and that participation in the innovation department will witness a diversity of participations.

It was reaffirmed during the meeting the proposal of Counselor Mortadha Al-Zaila’i, Secretary of the Social Council of the Sudanese Community in Sharjah that the Sudanese club councils in the UAE plan and organize the activities of the Sudan Day at the Expo, as well as the UAE-Sudanese Day.

The media man , Othman Shalkawi from the Committee of Club Boards in UAE (Emirate of Fujairah), spoke about opening the door for participation for the community and attracting support and volunteers whose  role is to coordinate various activities in all fields, as well as communicate with creative experts participating in the Sudanese pavilion in the fields of arts, literature and sciences.

. The engineering representative of the pavilion, engineer and Teacher  at the  Khartoum University , Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Hassan, also briefed the audience on the latest developments through a “visual documentary material” of what the Sudanese pavilion had reached, outlining  the implementation phases  as the pavilion would be handed over within 48 hours.


Source: SUNA

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