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Sudan Condemns Houthis Aggressions Against Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Khartoum, Mar.21(SUNA)-Sudan has condemned with all possible terms  the new Houthi terrorist group  aggressions on Sunday against vital civilian and oil facilities  inside the Kingdom of the Saudi Arabia , calling  in this regard, for wide  regional and international alignment  to confront  the Houthis threat  in the region.

 Sudan affirmed its full  solidarity with the sisterly Kingdom of Saudio Arabia  in the face of coward sabotage aggressions by the Houthi terrorist group, pointing out that the raecurrence  of aggressions of the Houthi terrorist group against civilian  targets inside the Kingdom of Sauadi Arabia represents a blatant violation  to the Kingdom’ sovereignty  and violation to  the international charters which stipulate protection of the civilians and not to involve them in any conflict.

 Sudan underscored its supportive stances to the sisterly  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, stressing on importance of rejecting all forms of aggressions by the Houthi  and denouncing the Houthi group’s refusal to resort to  peace, and taking these repeated attacks as a means to destabilize the security and stability of the region.


Source: SUNA

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