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Sudan Contracts with Major German Company to Develop Port-Sudan Harbor 

Hamburg, Germany, June 12 (SUNA) – The government of Sudan contracted last week with a German company specialized in the construction and maintenance of sea ports and sea container terminals to carry out comprehensive maintenance and rehabilitation of the Southern Port Container Terminal in Port-Sudan, as part of the government plan to expand the port, rehabilitate and increase its capacity.                                                                                                                                                          

   In a press release, PC Hamburg Port Consulting, which specializes in logistical and administrative consultancy and software solutions for ports, sea stations and the railway sector, said that it had contracted with the Sudanese Ministry of Transport on behalf of the Sudanese Sea Ports Corporation to carry out comprehensive operations to improve the capabilities of the Southern Port Container Terminal in Port-Sudan and raise its capacity in receiving and unloading containers, thus increasing its competitiveness in the region.

 The German company, which has previously conducted hundreds of similar operations around the world and gained it the ability and experience in this field, says that the main objective of the operation is to increase the carrying capacity, the handling and the speed of unloading, and thus reduce the period of stay of ships inside the port.

The Minister of Transport, Mirghani Musa Hamad, stressed that for the Sudanese government, Port-Sudan port represents the country’s gateway to the international trade and a main body in providing job opportunities for citizens in the Port-Sudan area.


Source: SUNA

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