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Sudan participates in mine remove meetings 

 Khartoum, May 28 (SUNA) – The Director of the National Mine Action Center, Brigadier General Khaled Hamdan Adam, emphasized that the strategy of the mine action program in Sudan is based on an  explicit recognition of the good management of diversity and inclusion and achieving racial equality through the selection of the cadres working in the program and the nature of the services provided in Elimination programs, awareness-raising, victim assistance, and equal selection of target populations and groups.

in the paper he presented at the conclusion of the (24) meeting of directors of national programs and national advisors in the field of mines, today, he pointed out that mutual respect constitutes the essence and continuity of human life, and without it, people lose an important and essential element related to security and safety.

Brigadier General Khaled Hamdan Adam, who led the Sudan’s delegation at the meeting of the national program managers of the countries that are members of the Ottawa Convention for the Prohibition of Manufacture, Storage, Transfer and Use of Mines, which was held via video,  under the supervision of the International Committee for the Implementation of the Agreement,  reviewed the reasons for not adhering to diversity and racial equality, indicating that ignorance and lack of awareness, races pride,  different  material conditions, different languages ​​and the inherited customs limit their effects.

He tackled the Sudan’s current issues of diversity and inclusion, noting that the change the country witnessed, through the mottos of the December Revolution, absorbed a number of reasons for the restraint that Sudan has lived since its independence, indicating that the peace agreement signed by the government with the armed struggle factions recently, indicating that the signing of the constitutional document and what is being negotiated with the SPLM- N, Al- Hilo Wing, and the contacts with the leader Abdul Wahid Nur aims to recognize diversity and achieve racial equality, and to address the root causes of security and development issues.

It is worth noting that the meeting of the National Mine Action Service managers and the United Nations advisers began its work by videoconference last Tuesday.


Source: SUNA

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