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Sudan professors on strike after ‘unconstitutional’ university dismissals 

March 31 – 2022 KHARTOUM, The head of Sudan’s Sovereignty Council, Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan, dissolved the board of trustees for public universities, dismissed 30 of their directors, and appointed his own choices in their stead. In an interview with Radio Dabanga, Dr Siddig Tawer, a former member of the Sovereignty Council, describes the decision as “worthless, having no constitutional basis, and issued by a coup without legitimacy”.

Tawer explained that the purpose of these dismissals, is to “further isolate the Sudanese professors who are able to unite the forces of the revolution” and reach an agreement with Sudan’s revolutionary actors.

He called on professors to confront the coup campaign by uniting their efforts to prevent Burhan’s interference in their right to choose their own university boards.

The Professional Union of University Professors and Higher Institutes announced an open strike in response to the trustee dismissals issued by Burhan.

28 professors at the University of Science and Technology announced they submitted a collective resignation in the faculties, deanships, and institutes of the University, on Wednesday. They rejected the decisions in the dismissal of directors and deputy directors, as well as the dissolution of the trustee of public universities.

The union described the dismissals as proof of the “blatant infringement on the independence of universities”, which also “exceeds the constitutional powers that were granted by the prime minister”.


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