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Sudan recalls its ambassador to Ethiopia 

Khartoum, Aug. 8 (SUNA) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued today a press release regarding statements by Ethiopian officials rejecting Sudan’s help to end the conflict in the Tigray region.

The press release said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has monitored recent statements by senior Ethiopian officials refusing Sudan’s help in ending the bloody conflict raging in the Tigray region, alleging lack of neutrality of Sudan and its occupation of Ethiopian lands.

The ministry described the Ethiopian allegations as strange ones, saying that suggestion that Sudan played a role in the conflict and the claim of occupation is a continuation of Ethiopia’s practice of overriding facts in its relationship with Sudan and promoting allegations that it has no basis for, and which are based only on ambitions of circles in the Ethiopian government that do not hesitate to act harmful to achieve them.

 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that Sudan’s concern with resolving the conflict in the Tigray region stems from its commitment to regional peace and stability, and an expression of its keenness on stabilization of the situations in Ethiopia, and for solidarity in the challenges it faces.

It pointed out that the initiative of Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk within the framework of his presidency of the IGAD aims to encourage the Ethiopian parties to reach a comprehensive cease-fire, and to engage in a comprehensive political dialogue process to preserve the unity and stability of Ethiopia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs went on to say that communication between the two countries remains the basis for overcoming any complications that arise, as well as the basis for upgrading relations between them.

Sudan’s efforts have not stopped by virtue of its responsibility and will continue to push for a solution to the conflict in Ethiopia, the statement noted.

The statement cited the motives of the initiative of the Sudan, noting that Ethiopia would have a good position If it considered what Sudan could do on the basis of its ability to provide the required solution, instead of rejecting all of its efforts, especially since all regional and international parties are interested in ending the conflict in Tigray region.

The statement concluded that in order to determine its options in this regard Sudan has recalled its ambassador to Ethiopia for consultations.


Source: SUNA

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