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Sudan Renews its Initiative for Arab Food Security

Sudan Renews its Initiative for Arab Food Security 

Nouakchott, May 30 (SUNA) – Sudan has renewed the proposal for the Arab Food Security Initiative at the activities of the Forum of the Council of Arab Economic Unity, during the current visit of Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, to Mauritania.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Finance, Dr. Ahmed Al-Sharif, said that the Finance Minister has met with Sudanese miners whose investments amounted to millions of dollars within the Sudatel-owned Shengetel Telecom Company, noting that there are understandings to establish a joint investment council between Sudan and Mauritania.

He indicated that the issuance of laws and legislations was discussed to facilitate the procedures of Sudanese investors in Mauritania by transferring their profits through the official channels.

He stated that investment opportunities between the two countries are great and need more legislations, as they contribute to providing an investment map to attract investors in a clear way, reiterating Sudan confirmation for joint cooperation with Mauritania.

Al-Sharif said that the Council of Arab Economic Unity works to Strengthen the economic ties between the Arab countries, adding that it is affiliated to the Arab League, and that Sudan is chairing the current session.

He noted that the Council of Arab Economic Unity also contributes to addressing many issues and has mechanisms through which it operates, such as specialized Arab companies and federations, pointing to the renewal of Sudan’s proposal for the food security initiative aimed at benefiting from Sudan’s great potentialities, especially that the world faces problems in grains as a result of the Ukrainian war, a matter which caused food shortages.

He added that Sudan is qualified to fill the gap in food security, and that the initiative is part of the endeavors to achieve Arab food security.


Source: SUNA

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