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Sudan resistance sustain blockade of Egyptian freight traffic 

February 1 – 2022 PORT SUDAN / MEROWE, The Port Sudan Resistance Committees in eastern Sudan’s Red Sea state continued to close the entrance to the Transit Bridge for Egyptian lorries for the second day on Monday.

Northern State farmers and activists continue to block the Sheryan El Shimal road linking Sudan with the Egyptian border at various points, including the Hamdab Bridge in Merowe, in protest against the increase in electricity prices.

The Port Sudan Resistance Committees said in a press statement on Monday that they noticed the passage of Egyptian lorries through the city of Port Sudan because of the closure of the Sheryan El Shimal arterial road in Northern State. The committees diverted a large number of these lorries to the parking lot of the Anti-smuggling Office.

A spokesman for the Port Sudan Resistance Committees stated that the Egyptian lorries transport complementary goods to Sudan while carrying basic goods to Egypt.


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