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Sudanese army chases Ethiopian militia out of border area 

Sudanese army retook control of large agricultural areas after fierce clashes near the volatile border strip with Ethiopia on Sunday.

Recently, the Ethiopian-army backed Amhara militiamen carried out two attacks on Sudanese farmers in the al-Fashaga fertile area where they looted thousands of freshly harvested corn and abducted two farmers.

Sudanese military official told the Sudan Tribune that their units cleared the area from the militiamen who fled to Ethiopia after fierce clashes on Sunday morning.

“The army chased the Ethiopian militias out of the agriculture schemes of Aberra and Tadali and pursue them until Brecht on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border,” said the Sudanese military.

He added that the Sudanese army set up a camp in the “Hassan Kardi” area, off the border with Ethiopia, while it continues to inspect the border area to verify the presence of militia or not.

Local farmers complained about the lack of permanent military stations in the border area.

Since last November, the Sudanese army deployed troops on the border with Ethiopia. Also, the government is building military infrastructures and facilities.

The Ethiopian government recently claimed that the Sudanese army is controlling an Ethiopian territory and accused it of working with a third party.

Sudanese officials, in return, reject the claim saying the former regime in Khartoum allowed Ethiopian businessmen and farmers to exploit these areas. They further blame the ousted president for closing the border military stations.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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