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Sudan’s call for international mediation on Renaissance Dam receives wide response 

Head of the Sudanese technical negotiating team on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Engineer Mustafa Hussein Al-Zubair has affirmed that Sudan has received very positive responses from all parties that were invited to quartet mediation in the Renaissance Dam talks, namely the United Nations, the European Union and the United States of America in addition to the African Union, which is sponsoring the negotiations.

He added that all parties welcomed Sudan’s call for the quartet mediation, which is strongly supported by Egypt, and the international parties expressed their willingness to play the role of facilitating the negotiations and mediation in it and providing their technical, legal and political expertise to bring the points of view of the three countries closer together.

The head of the Sudanese technical team said that the quartet mediation would support the efforts of the African Union headed by the Democratic Republic of Congo to reach a binding and satisfactory legal agreement by the three parties on filling and operating the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Meanwhile, Engineer Al-Zubair  said that the announcement by the Ethiopian Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity of its insistence on the second filling of the dam next July without reaching an agreement means Ethiopia’s persistence on its position, a matter which is considered as a violation to the international law pertinent to the use of trans-boundary water sources and contravenes the Declaration of Principles Agreement that was signed by the heads of state of the three countries in March 2015 regarding filling and operating the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

He called on neighboring Ethiopia to resort to wisdom and respect of the international law on trans-boundary waters and be committed to the principle of equitable use of water without causing significant harm to the riparian states, and cooperate in exchanging information and negotiating in good faith to reach a binding legal agreement.

Engineer Al-Zubair  added that carrying out by Ethiopia the second filling of the dam unilaterally constitutes a direct threat to the lives of 20 million Sudanese citizens who live on the banks of the Blue Nile and the Main Nile, saying that this unilateral act also poses serious risks to the Sudanese vital installations, including dams, infrastructures and existing agricultural and industrial activities, affirming that Sudan is in all conditions capable of protecting its national security, its resources, and the safety of its infrastructures.


Source : Suna

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