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Sudan’s Economic Alliance Forces demand govt, military companies designated ‘public funds’ 

Sudan’s Economic Alliance Forces demand that government, military, security, and ‘grey’ companies be included in the jurisdiction of public funds and not privatised. The recently formed alliance of the Resistance Committees, Revolutionary Forces, and the Committees of the First Economic Conference, called in a press conference in Khartoum on Sunday in Khartoum to confirm the mandate of the state and the public treasury over public funds.

They noted the importance of imposing specific taxes on telecommunications companies, and stressed the speedy recovery of property, money, real estate, and stolen assets.

They stressed the necessity of implementing the expatriate plan called the initiative of the supporters of the Central Bank of Sudan and the National Investment Fund on the basis of opening accounts in foreign currencies.

In the context, Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok stressed yesterday during an address at the beginning of the comprehensive national agricultural conference organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, that among the most important goals and objectives of the government of the transitional period are rapid economic interventions, carrying out reforms and mitigating their effects on citizens.

He referred to a strategic vision aimed at structural economic transformation related to industrialization and value chains linked in turn to the country’s natural resources.

Source : Dabanga

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