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Sudan’s Foreign Ministry ‘not responsible for officials’ uncleared meetings’ 

October 14 – 2021 KHARTOUM, Sudan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasised in a statement yesterday that it is not responsible for any [foreign] visits or meetings of officials, in particular when this happens outside the official foreign policy of the state, and bypasses the constitutionally responsible executive body.

The statement comes in the wake of what was reported about the recent visit by the deputy commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Abdelrahim Dagalo, and the head of the Defence Industries, Mirghani Idris, to Israel.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs underlined that it is the only governmental body concerned with foreign relations in accordance with the Constitutional Document, international custom. and the decisions of the Prime Minister, adding that the ministry is carrying out its tasks and role in coordinating external work with all government agencies with all professionalism and institutionalism.

In the statement, the ministry affirmed its awareness of the complexities of the transitional situation in Sudan, stressing the need to adhere to the constitutional document, and to pursue institutionalisation, governance, and transparency in managing internal and external affairs.


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