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SUNA publishes translation of full text of Hamdouk’s address on failed coup attempt 

 Khartoum, Sept. 21 (SUNA) – The Sudan News Agency (SUNA) publishes hereunder full text of the address of Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk to the Forces of Freedom and Change today in the premises of the Council of Ministers here.

 “Masses of the Sudanese people and the forces of the Revolution,

Glory to the martyrs of the Sudanese revolution and the martyrs of the Glorious December revolution who paid their blood and sacrifices for the march of this people towards freedom, peace, justice, stability and development.

You followed at dawn today the failed coup attempt, which was targeting the revolution and all the achievements of our great people, to undermine the civilian democratic transition, and to close the way before the movement of history, but as usual, the determination of our people was stronger, and retreat is impossible.

I met with the leadership of the Forces of Freedom and Change and made continuous contacts with the President of the Sovereignty Council, and I will follow up on this important situation, and put the facts before our people.

What happened was an orchestrated coup by parties inside and outside the armed forces, and it is an extension of the attempts of the remnants since the fall of the defunct regime to abort the the civilian democratic transition.

The attempt was preceded by extensive preparations, represented in the lawlessness incidents in the cities, the exploitation of the situations in the east, the attempts to block national roads, the closure of ports, disruption of oil production and the continuous incitement against the civilian government.

 The coup is a manifestation of the national crisis that we referred to in the Prime Minister’s initiative (The Way Forward), and it clearly indicates the need to reform the security and military institutions.

The coup calls for a complete review of the transition experience in full transparency and clarity, and reaching a partnership based on the slogans and principles of the revolution, and a path that leads to a civilian democratic transition and nothing else.

For the first time, there are people who were arrested while carrying out the coup, which took practical steps, a matter that calls for revealing the full facts to the Sudanese people and the world, and holding all those involved, military and civilian, accountable, transparently and according to the law.

 The government and the relevant bodies, including the committee to dismantle the June 30 regime, will take immediate measures to fortify the transition, and continue to dismantle the June 30 regime, which still poses a threat to the transition.

At a time when our national economy is witnessing a clear recovery, and reform economic policies have begun to bear fruit, as was evident in all macroeconomic indicators, and this calls for strengthening the mandate of the government and the Ministry of Finance over all financial resources and revenues and directing them to improving the living conditions of our people as a priority issue.

We call on our people to exercise their right in all peaceful forms to support the transitional government and fortify the transition. The necessity of completing the transition institutions, top of them the Legislative Council, the Constitutional Court, the High Judicial Council, the High Prosecution Council and the commissions.

The unity of the forces of revolution and change is the guarantor and fortifier of the democratic civilian transition and the achievement of the goals of the revolution.

 What happened is a lesson learned and a reason for a real and serious pause to set things right.

Glory to the martyrs, and may the peace, mercy and blessings of the Almighty Allah be upon you.”


Source: SUNA

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