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Thamarat confirms the support of citizens through telecommunications companies and banks 

Khartoum, Oct 7 (SUNA) – Mutassim Ahmed Salih, director of the Sudanese families support program “Thamrat”, confirmed that telecommunications companies and government and commercial banks are working in coordination with the program to deliver support to citizens, and denied what was reported by some newspapers and websites that the Thimrat program had specified Some banks and telecommunications companies and not others as financial service providers to transfer the support of the Thimarat program to citizens.

And the management of the Thimarat program confirmed in a press release today that the news is incorrect, and no media agency has been informed of what was mentioned in the news.

The program also confirms that the telecommunications companies (Zain, Sudani, MTN) and government and commercial banks are all working in coordination with the program to deliver support to citizens. The Thimarat program obliges all financial service providers to abide by the agreements concluded with the program and the timetable for delivering monthly support to citizens without any delay.

The program hopes that all program partners will interact with Thimarat plans to commit to paying citizens without any obstacles. It is worth noting that the Thimarat program had concluded several understandings with government and commercial banks and telecommunications companies to expand payment receptacles to include all regions that have completed registration processes in the program, in addition to improving the quality of the service provided and introducing new electronic payment methods to keep pace with the requirements of the program, with the aim of facilitating the process of citizens’ access to the program.

Support the fruits. In addition, the Thamarat program concluded an agreement with the Civil Registry Department of the Ministry of Interior to extract the national numbers of all citizens and citizens in remote areas where civil registry complexes are not available in particular, by providing the program for 150 roaming national number extraction units roaming all states of Sudan to cover all areas to extract 10 million national numbers by the end of this year.

Source: SUNA

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