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The Federal Minster of Health lunches the National Strategic Plan 

Khartoum-Mar27 (SUNA) – The Acting Undersecretary of the Federal Ministry of Health, Dr. Essmat Mustafa Hassan, stressed the importance of implementing the terms of single plans of the health sector on the ground, so citizens can get better medical service, lauding the role of partners in the development of health services in Sudan.

This came during the Annual Meeting of the General Administration of Planning and Policy and the lunching the National strategic plan for health sector for the year 2022-2024 which held  today at Grand holdiday hotel in presence of WHO representative Dr. Neema Abaid, UNICEF Representative Dr. Mandeep O’Brien and leaders of the health work in the federal and state ministries of health

Dr.Esmat noted that the annual planning meeting for the year 2022 and the lunching the National strategic plan to reform the health sector 2022-2024 is a culmination for the great works which continued to clarify the overall vision of health in light of the political transition and the challenges facing the country and urging all to focus on developing effectiveness and efficiency of the health system to access  goals of deliver basic health services, protecting the health of Sudanese.


Source: SUNA

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