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The Union of Sudanese Communities in Canada honors the former Canadian ambassador 

Ottawa Oct 7 (SUNA) Yesterday evening, the Federation of Sudanese Communities in Canada held a ceremony honoring the former Canadian ambassador to Khartoum, Adrian Norfolk, whose tenure in Sudan ended a month ago.

In his speech at the beginning of the celebration, Dr. Mohieldin Mohamed Mohieldin, member and founder of the Federation of Sudanese Communities in Canada, praised the great efforts made by Ambassador Adrian Norfolk during his tenure in Sudan, and expressed his appreciation for the spirit of cooperation shown by Ambassador Norfolk with the Sudanese Canadians and his support for their initiatives, especially the support for advocacy Sudan to face the Corona pandemic.

Mr. Imad Sati, President of the Federation of Sudanese Communities in Canada, spoke and praised the efforts of Ambassador Adrian Norfolk during his tenure in Sudan. As a unified body for the communities, the role it plays and the initiatives it undertakes. The Canadian Chargé d’Affairs in Khartoum, Barry Parkinson, discussed the qualities that distinguished Ambassador Adrian Norfolk, his great humility, and his good treatment of all employees of the Canadian Embassy in Khartoum, which was reflected in the mission’s overall performance.

Ambassador Tariq Abu Salih, the Sudanese ambassador to Canada, addressed the celebration, where he praised the cooperation and consultation with Ambassador Adrian Norfolk and his team at the Canadian Embassy in Khartoum on issues related to bilateral relations. The Canadian Embassy in recognition of the tremendous efforts exerted by his appointment as the first resident ambassador of Canada in Khartoum. Ambassador Abu Salih also commended the spirit of cooperation that Ambassador Adrian Norfolk has always shown in his dealings with Sudanese Canadians and his support and encouragement for their initiatives. Ambassador Adrian Norfolk thanked the organizers of the celebration and the speakers for their words, and expressed his happiness with the time he spent in Sudan, and praised the spirit of cooperation he found from the officials, which facilitated his tasks and helped him to achieve success, and affirmed his readiness to work with the Sudanese Embassy in Ottawa to provide everything that would advance relations Bilateralism between the two countries for broader prospects.

At the conclusion of the ceremony honoring Ambassador Adrian Norfolk, Dr. Mohieldin Mohamed Mohieldin, founder of the Federation of Sudanese Communities in Canada, presented a certificate of appreciation in the name of the Federation and a commemorative cup to Ambassador Adrian Norfolk in appreciation and gratitude for his efforts in promoting bilateral relations between Sudan and Canada.

Source: SUNA

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