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One of the most common mistakes that both native English speakers and language beginners make is correct usage of There, Their and They’re in written English. The reason why there is confusion between the three words is that they sound the same when they are spoken, so when people come to write them down, they usually remember the word there but they might be trying to write one of the other words.

The trick to using the correct word is to know what each one of them means. So let’s start off with the word ‘there.’


1. The word there is used as an opposite to the word here. If something is there that means that it is in “that place.”
For example: Where is Ahmed’s car? It’s over there.

2. The word there can also be used to show that something exists by adding the word is or are after it.
For example: There are many countries in Africa.

Now let’s take a look at the word ‘their.’


The word their is used to show ownership or possession.
For example: The children put on their jalabiyas (traditional garments) to go to the masjid.

Finally, let’s learn how to use the word ‘they’re.’


1. The word they’re is a contraction of two words they + are, and it is usually used with words that describe.
For example: I think they’re smart because they want to learn which is the correct word to use.

2. They’re is also used with words that end in ‘ing.’ For example: They’re laughing very loudly.

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