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Three cameras for Adrenaline Junkies
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Three cameras for Adrenaline Junkies 

If you are an adrenaline junkie, thrill seeker, or weekend adventurer, don’t rely on your smartphone to capture those unforgettable moments. Given most smartphones have very good cameras, but what you really need is a camera that laughs in the face of danger.

The latest cameras from trusted names in the business, Ricoh, Nikon, and Olympus, have impressive specifications to say the least.

Ricoh WG-70

RICOH’S LATEST ENTOUGHENED camera has special modes for optimizing colorful foliage and pristine desert vistas. And for those who love getting up close too, a “digital microscope” mode; a ring of LEDs around the lens that illuminates the subject for macro shots.

The solid, airtight body is not only waterproof down to a depth of 14 meters for up to two hours of continuous operation, but is also shockproof against falls from a height of 1.6 meters, dustproof, freeze-proof to temperatures as low as -10°C, and crushproof against weights up to 100kgf (kilogram force).

Nikon COOLPIX W300

If scuba diving is your thing, the consummately rugged Coolpix W300 may be for you. It can withstand dives of up to 100 feet without any additional protective gear. It has a built-in image stabilizer which means details are captured sharply no matter how bumpy the ride. It also comes with an internal altimeter and compass, just in case that can tag your images for later reference. 

Olympus TG-6

The latest in a long line of rough-and-tumble pocket cameras from Olympus, the TG-6 pairs a waterproof, crushproof exterior with a wide-aperture lens that does exceptionally well in low light whether on dry land or up to 50 feet underwater. It has a nitrogen-filled, fog-proof lens that helps keep the picture clear during sudden shifts in environment or temperature, like when you take it out on a crowded bus during a heavy rain. These cameras are not only rugged, but pocket sized. Whether exploring sunken ships in the Red Sea, documenting a honey harvest in Jebel Marra, or chasing revolutions in some far-off corner of the planet, a smartphone won’t cut it, you’re going to need a rugged camera.

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