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TSC Member Affirms Concern with Sector of Animal Production 

Khartoum, Dec.27(SUNA)-Member of the Transitioanl Sovereignty Council(TSC) Dr. Abdel Bagi Abdel Gadir Al Zubair has asserted concern of the institutions  of the transitional period  with sector of animal production  and localization of dairy  industry in the country.

He listened  during meeting with representatives  of dairy  producers  in the East Nile  and Bahri Localities in the Republican Palace today, to challenges facing the animal production sector  and ways of addressing them in a way that leads  to increase of production.

The TSC Member pledged to pay visits to  the production areas  soon to see in field  the requirements of the production operation.

Representative of the dairy  producers , Siddik Mohamed Siddik said in a press statement that the meeting discussed concern and issues  of concern to  the dairy  producers  top of which are provision of pumps and clearance of canals at Al Silait and Hilat Kuku schemes  in addition to issues of animal health and provision of fodders .

 Siddik added that the producers demanded  that   area of the dairy  farms to be increased in order to rise up the production and localize the  dairy  industry in the country.


Source: SUNA

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