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UN urges Sudan to determine financial needs for peace implementation 

United Nations Secretary-General has urged the Sudanese government to clearly define its financial needs for the implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement so that the international community support its implementation.

António Guterres made his call in his 90- day report to the Security Council about the activities of the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITMAS) which is mandated with the support of the democratic transition and peace implementation in the country.

In his report dated 1 February, Guterres praised the government efforts to implement the peace agreement signed in Juba on 3 October 2020 despite the huge challenges to meet is implementation and to secure the needed financial resource.

“I call on the transitional Government to clearly articulate the financial and technical support that it will require from partners and urge partners of Sudan to provide the necessary assistance for the implementation of the Agreement through the Ministry of Finance,” he further said.

The Sudanese parties agreed to establish a peace support fund called the Darfur Peace Support and Sustainable Development Fund.

The government agreed despite the difficult economic situation to pay 750,000,000 annually to this fund for 10 years for peace implementation and development programmes. Similar commitments have been made for the Two Areas and other regions.

The UN chief further called on Sudan’s partners to inject fresh international funding through the Ministry of Finance.

“Such assistance would provide central support for economic stability, in conjunction with reforms implemented by the transitional Government,” he stressed.

The reforms will address structural distortions in the economy, promote growth, encourage investment and help to build a prosperous economy for all Sudanese, in particular young people, women and communities affected by war and marginalization, he added.

The Sudanese government has implemented several economic reforms, including currency floating, contested by the left groups but represent significant steps towards the restoration of Sudan’s relations with the international financial institutions and to debt relief before to get grants for development projects.


Source : Sudan Tribune

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