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UNITAMS Issues Statement on Consultations about Political Process in Sudan 

Khartoum, Jan. 17 (SUNA) – The United Nations Integrated Transition Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) pointed out that the UN consultations on the political process in Sudan, since its launch on January 8, have involved a wide range of Sudanese stake-holders, including the civil society, women groups, representatives of some resistance committees, academicians and lawyers, as well as representatives of The Central Committee of the Forces of Freedom and Change, the Sudanese Communist Party, the Sudanese Congress Party, the Sudanese Professionals Association, and some of the signatories to the Juba Agreement for Peace in Sudan, including Malik Agar and Hadi Idris.

The mission indicated in a press release that these consultations aim to understand the different views and positions on way to move forward to overcome the current political stalemate and to reach democracy and peace.

UNITAMS stated that the participants in the consultations have put forward many practical suggestions to move things forward and at the same time discussed the scope and criteria of the process, including priority issues that require immediate dealing, explaining that all the participants welcomed the role of the United Nations in facilitating the consultations which came in the crucial timing given the need for an urgent solution to the current crisis.

The mission indicated that during the meetings held so far, the Sudanese stake-holders called on UNITAMS to expand the consultations outside Khartoum and to organize sessions with stake-

.holders in all the states

According to the mission, the participants also condemned the escalation of violence, and stressed that the violence must end, before the dialogue with the army becomes possible.

The statement pointed out that the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General will continue his consultations with the political parties, the resistance committees, the women groups and the armed groups in the next week, and will continue to receive requests from other interested groups and entities to contribute to the consultations.

The mission added that the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General welcomes all requests and will do his best to meet each request to engage in the process.


Source: SUNA

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