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Vicky Ford affirms Britain’s firm support for democratic transition in Sudan 

Khartoum, Oct. 21 (SUNA) – UK Minister for Africa Ms. Vicky Ford has affirmed at the conclusion of her visit to Sudan Britain’s firm support for democratic transition in the country and the importance of the Sudanese demonstrators today being able to express their opinions freely and safely.

Ms. Ford expressed in a statement over her Twitter account today her admiration for the sacrifices of the Sudanese youth, revolutionaries and women, and indicated that Sudan is passing from a dictatorship phase to a democratic transitional stage.

She said that they launched the first official strategic dialogue between the United Kingdom and Sudan since the revolution in 2019.

Ms. Ford said the UK desires to cooperate with Sudan to support the transition to democracy and freedom.

 She stressed that the Sudanese people made many sacrifices for peace, freedom and justice, and noted her meeting with a number of young activists and community leaders, noting the role of women in advancing the transition to democracy.


Source: SUNA

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