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Video conferencing App Google Meet v. Zoom
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Video conferencing App Google Meet v. Zoom 

If you open the Google Meet web page, written in large type is: Premium video meetings. Now free for everyone. Directly below that is another small message, then under that, two icons: one labeled Start a meeting and the other labeled Enter meeting code. this is Google’s video conferencing ap, very straightforward, user friendly, and to the point, which is—for free.

Google needs to make up for lost time in the cloud-based video conferencing market.  Zoom, whose agility and adeptness has left Google dazed and on the ropes, remains undisputed. A case of being in the right place at the right time, Zoom has had a meteoric rise in the video conferencing world. The COVID-19 pandemic, tilting the world on its axis, provided a platform for Zoom to exploit. But Google smells blood. As of recent, Zoom has been plagued with mounting security concerns (which Zoom’s cornermen are scrambling to address). Eyeing an opportunity, the Google cornermen have re-engineered Google Meet (formerly Hangouts) and added safety-focused caveats meant to protect users. These safety-focused caveats are a way Google can win points with customers leery of Zoom’s stamina and stay competitive with the video conference giant in the long run.

Why this is important for your business?

Firstly, because it’s FREE. And secondly, because there will be many new changes to the workplace. The New World Order being dictated by COVID-19 is forcing employers to rethink telecommuting. With the current stay-at-home orders in most countries, companies, more and more will have to transition over to the use of video conferencing and collaboration systems. Until now, Zoom has been the undisputed champion in the video conferencing “ring”, but its rivals – Google, Microsoft, GoToMeeting, Citrix and others – are going to compete aggressively to win over Zoom clients with free deals and other incentives.

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