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Volker briefed on plans for Protection of Civilians following UNAMID Exit 

The Wali (Governor) of North Darfur State, Mohammed Hassan Arabi received, Sunday, at the government’s HQs, the UN Secretary General Special Representative, the Head of the United Nations integrated Transitional Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), Volker Perthes who arrived in the state in his first visit to Darfur.

Arabi welcomed the UNITAMS Chief and the accompanied delegation, affirming his government readiness to cooperate with the international mission to enable it to achieve its tasks to strengthen peace and stability.

The meeting reviewed all the issues related to the mission and the state’s government readiness to implement its plans concerning the protection of civilians after the exit of the UNAMID.

Volker held comprehensive meeting with the Higher Committee for Protection of Civilians in the state and reviewed the spheres of joint cooperation between the mission and the government of the state.


Source : Suna

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