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Volker: implementation of UNTAMS Programs will be through UN Organizations 

The Special Representative for Sudan and Head of the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), Volker Perthes, affirmed that the mission’s task is to provide political aid to the government of the transitional period and to help support peace, especially the second phase of the Juba Agreement, in addition to building peace and protecting the civilians by raising the capabilities of the concerned authorities.

At a meeting in Kassala with the cavil society organizations, the women unions, the resistance committees and the youths, Perthes said that the mission came at the request of Sudan government and in accordance with Resolution 25/24 and that its mandate extends to the transitional period and is renewed annually.

He stressed the mission’s role is to support the Sudanese economy by attracting aid, promotion and informing about the investment opportunities in Sudan, indicating that the mission has 8 regions in Sudan, including the Kassala region, stressing that the mission will work in coordination with United Nations organizations, bodies and agencies to provide technical support and to help implementing the government programs, training cadres and state institutions, adding that the mission will play the role of mediator to overcome the differences.

Perthes pointed to the mission’s diplomatic role to inform about Sudan at all the United Nations institutions and the Security Council, as well as informing about Sudan economic and development resources and the move from the idea of support to Sudan to the investment in the country. He pointed out that the mission has only 21 police officers to work for the training and qualification of trainers to raise the capabilities of the Sudanese police forces.

Perthes underscored the supportive role of the civil society organizations, resistance committees, youth and women in providing data and providing studies for development projects according to realistic and comprehensive visions that would be funded by UNITAMS mission.

Meanwhile, Representatives of civil society organizations have expressed several political, economic, social and cultural visions, in addition to ways for enhancing the role of women in the society.

They stated that peace was not yet completed by the signing of all the struggle movements, a matter that hinders the realization of the revolution slogans.

Source: Suna

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