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Yasser Abbas Announces Sudan Rejection to linking Renaissance Dam to Water Sharing 

Khartoum, June 14 (SUNA) – The Minister of Irrigation, Prof. Yasser Abbas, has announced Sudan position refusing to link the issue of the Renaissance Dam with the proposal to the waters  sharing called for by Ethiopia.

 At the regular news forum of SUNA on Monday, Prof. Abbas He categorically ruled out resort to the military action as an option in dealing with the issue of the Renaissance Dam, noting that Sudan options are open on all the legal, political and logistical levels.

With regard to the technical aspects to ensure the continuation of agricultural planning and irrigation operations, the minister said that these efforts will be carried out according to what is planned, through the water storing operations behind the Rosseires Dam (one and a half billion), as well as keeping the equivalent of a third of the storage capacity in Jebel Awliya Dan after the improvement of the water supply in the White Nile.

The Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources has affirmed Sudan adherence to the political and legal escalation, as the country will submit a complaint to the Security Council, in addition to presenting its case to the friendly and brotherly countries and all concerned countries.

He stressed that presenting the issue to the Arab League does not mean an Arab alignment against an African alignment, but rather that it merely sheds light on Sudan position and explain it to Arab African countries alike.

Prof. Abbas pointed out that Sudan position on the African Union did not change, but the African Union cannot solve this issue alone, therefore Sudan is trying to gather all parties to help solving the dam issue.

He indicated that the delegations of the African Union that visited Sudan recently did not request more information, as Sudan has provided them with all the information in this regard, but they put forward ideas.

Prof. Abbas said that Sudan is still in its position that Ethiopia is to benefit from the dam project, provided that a consensus agreement is to be signed, referring to the direct impact on the construction of the dam on Sudan due to its proximity to Sudan borders and Rosseires Dam (only 200 kilometers), while it is far from the High Dam in Egypt (2000 kilometers).

 Prof. Abbas pointed to Sudan coordination with Egypt regarding the negotiation process on the Renaissance Dam issue.


Source: SUNA

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