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Yusuf addresses workshop on Constitution-making Commission Act 

Khartoum, Oct. 17 (SUNA) – Minister of Cabinet Affairs Engineer Khalid Omer Yusuf has affirmed that formulation of the constitution provides wide-participation and real dialogue for the Sudanese people, pointing out that making of the constitution is one of the priorities of the transitional stage.  

The Minister was addressing the inaugural session of a workshop on Bill of the Constitution-making Commission Act, held at Coral Hotel in Khartoum today.

Yusuf stressed the importance of preparations for the elections to enable the Sudanese people to choose their rulers besides ensuring the widest possible popular participation in the constitution-making process.

The Minister stressed the importance of realization of the goals of the constitution-making process, terming them as one of the top goals of the glorious December Revolution for which millions of the Sudanese people made sacrifices.

Representative of the Ministry of Justice, Hussein Feraigon, on his part, said making the constitution-formulating process a success is one of the most important challenges of the transition.

He pointed out that formulation of the constitution in the past period of the history of the Sudan had been confined to political elites, saying that the situation now is different and open for all categories of the Sudanese people.

It is noteworthy that the one-day workshop includes presenting and reviewing the bill that comprises nine chapters on the constitution-making, popular consultations and the establishment of the commission.


Source: SUNA

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