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Zoom Backlash
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Zoom Backlash 

A number of the world’s largest companies are forbidding employees from using the Zoom Video Communications Inc.’s conferencing app. Daimler AG, Ericsson AB, NXP Semiconductors NV and Bank of America Corp have joined corporations like Tesla Inc. and government agencies from Taiwan to Singapore that have banned the app’s use. This backlash is over concerns about Zoom’s security or lack thereof. 

Zoom Video Communications Inc. was catapulted into prominence by the COVID-19 pandemic. During the global coronavirus lockdown, Zoom become a home for everything from virtual cocktail hours to cabinet meetings and classroom learning. However, hackers have been able to exploit flaws in the software to eavesdrop on meetings. More recently, trolls “zoombombing”, have gained access to video conference and harassed participants. Others more sinister have gained access into online classes for children and uploaded pornographic material.

Zoom’s rocket ascension surpassing 300 million daily meetings was bound to have expose some flaws. However, corporate capitalism as we know is it has no ethics. It wouldn’t surprise me, given the number of recent announcements about alternative video conferencing platforms, that Zoom has been targeted

In response, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan, has focused on bolstering the security of the videoconferencing app in hopes of winning back customers. Zoom is working on improving its encryption and argues that many of its problems stem from the fact the app was initially geared toward enterprise clients with their own IT security teams not the broad consumer app it morphed into.

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